Uplift – April 7, 2017

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Let us hold fast to the confession of our hope, without wavering,
He who has promised is faithful.
Hebrews 10:23

You ever have those days where your faith feels rocky?
Where you have even just a moment where you wonder if you might be wrong?
That God might not be with you?
You’re not alone.
In fact, no matter how many times I experience the love and power of God in my life and witness it in the lives of those around me, I still have moments of doubt.
Moments of fear.
Moments where I’m not sure I’ve got anything left in me to give to God.
And moments where it seems like the bad stuff in the world is winning.

And that my friends, is when I go to this verse.
Because it has two images that I love.
First, that language of “hold fast”
The word used there means grab on to, or possess, or hold tightly.
I’m not a heights person, at all, so for me, whenever I’m somewhere high off the ground, I cling.
To railings, ropes, hands, walls, trees.
Whatever I can find that is solid and connected to the ground is my new best friend.
And for my faith this is what baptism is.
When I am in a place that makes my legs weak, and my head spin, I can at least hold onto the promise that I am named and claimed and called a beloved child.
It’s the thing that is most connected to God. It’s solid.
Some days, when my faith is waning, that’s all I’ve got.
And so I hold it tightly.
I cling.

And then, as if that image of holding on to God for dear life weren’t enough,
The author finishes that image with – “He who has promised, is faithful.”

There are a lot of things that aren’t.
That don’t hold up under pressure.
That fall away when I’m scared or stressed or hurting.
But God, the one who has made those promises to me, God doesn’t fail.
God doesn’t cave under pressure.
God who has promised is faithful.
Another way to say that verse using the Greek is: God, the one who has promised, is true.
So that is what I cling to.
God has called me a child of God and that’s it.
Crap happens. Life can be so hard.
Sometimes it feels like my heart can hardly take one more bit of pain or sorrow.
And some days, when things are really bad, that’s when doubts creep in and take over.
But in all those moments, I am still, and always will be, a child of God.
Even in those lowest lows.
Even in the scariest, darkest, loneliest places.
Even when I’m not sure what I believe anymore.
I am still a child of God.
So I cling.
So can you.